stargate on the brains

i had been eagerly waiting for this weekend all summer! it is that most fabled of times: the stargate convention!!! yes, i am fully aware how nerdy it is that i attend a stargate convention. on the nerd scale, i think it is just below dr. who fan fiction. that wont deter me, i have been saving up all summer so that i can go and enjoy all the great stargate craziness! i went last year and had a blast and some how i convinced brains to go along with me this year (but to be honest, he's almost a bigger stargate nerd than i am...).
friday afternoon brains rolled in to town so that we could spend the night geeking out in preparation. we went to get some delicious panda express and catch up. my wife was gone for the weekend so our friday night was wide open for a couple of guys to get as wild as we wanted. we took advantage by watching a couple episodes of stargate sg-1, drank two whole cans of diet soda, and went to bed by 11:00pm. wild and crazy, i know! we were planning ahead, after all, we wanted to be well rested for the fun on saturday.

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